PHYSICS 206 HOMEWORK DUE JAN 23        Kurt -----        Jan 22, 2002


This is my Physics 206 Homework. Last time I got points taken off because you did not see my "drawings" and all my other work that you think is essential to working these problems. That is because I do all the work on my whiteboards and write down just the equations to turn in. Here are the pictures:

You can find the pictures on the disk. Or I have them uploaded on the internet. The appropriate URL address are:

If in the future it is best that I just upload them to the internet and don't have to hand in a floppy with my HW, I can just post the URL on the top of my homework. Let me know if that will work as that would be just as easy for me.

Please return the floppy disk without any viruses to me with the graded HW. Thanks much,