Miscellaneous Crap

The Wonders of Grading

I graded for an electronics class winter quarter '02. It's really amazing what some people turn in. In addition to the usual submissions with only half of the assignment scribbled on a single page, I received something that I didn't expect. It was a page full of answers and a floppy disk containing a plain text file. The author's last name has been removed to protect the innocent. In case he ever takes down the pictures from his site, I have archived them.

Read the Text File Browse the Pictures

Don't Drink and Derive

The results may be detrimental. Your hair may turn funny colors. You may start dating my friend's ex-boyfriend. You never know.

Be Afraid

Physics Spring Banquet '03

Four years of my life can be summed up in a single picture.

Watch Me Trivialize My College Experience

Artificial Evolution Laboratory

After watching way too much anime, I whipped up a quick web page. It toys with the idea of taking cats to their next step of evolutionary potential.

Watch Boo Evolve